Nostalgia and comfort

    This house was built as a usual one around 90 years ago. The previous generation bought this house and turned it into a hotel in 1970. If you stay here, you can get up listening to the singing of birds. We hope you enjoy traditional Japanese atmosphere here.


    Good Old Days

    When Fukuoka Air Raid happened in 1945, many houses in downtown were burned up in a fire. Fortunately, this area was safe, and this house remained. Okami took over Nishitei from her mother and reopened it in 2004. There are still many aspects of those years here. You will surely be interested in them.



    "Omotenashi means hospitality, but they are a little different. Omotenashi has deep meaning. For instance, preparations like a flower arrangement and cleaning are not omotenashi, but ordinary things by themselves, though stacking them becomes the important part of omotenasi. Omotenashi exists in our deep feeling with those piled preparations for each guest.



    "Otetsudai" is kind of assistance and "te" means hands. When we help somebody, we always use our hands. In the case, hands are not only physical things but also spirit itself. We would like to convey our feeling to the guests using our hands.


    The Place to Rest Your Mind

    A home and a hometown always give us peace and calm. Our renovated traditional Japanese ryokan provides you the comfortable atmosphere and the feeling of being at home. Nishitei is the very place which you can relax sincerely.