Do you have a curfew?
Yes, we have. We close the gate at midnight to keep safe. When you go out, please come back by midnight.
Do you have a lavatory and a bathroom in each room?
We don't have a lavatory and a bathroom in each room. There are 2 lavatories on the first floor and 2 ones on the second floor. We have 1 bathroom and 1 shower room on the first floor.
Is reservation required when we take a bath?
At night, you don't need to book in advance. You can take a bath from 17:00 to midnight. When you take a bath in the morning, you must make a reservation. You can lock the bath room and enjoy it by yourself. As for a shower, you can use a shower room anytime during your stay.
Is the bath hot spring?
No, it isn't.
Can I stay with my child?
Yes, you can.
Do you help me with a surprise?
Yes, we do. We are willing to do various things with you to surprise your company.
Can you book a restaurant instead of me?
We can reserve the restaurant instead of you after check-in.


Can you call a taxi?
We call a taxi at a front desk. Usually, a taxi will come in 10 minutes.
What are the nearest train station and bus stop?
There are 1 station and 3 bus stops near here. Yakuin station (6 minutes' walk), Takasago bus stop (3 minutes' walk), Yakuin bus stop (6 minutes' walk), Watanabe-dori 1-chome juhachiginko-mae bus stop (6 minutes' walk).
Is the access from Fukuoka airport good?
Yes, it is. It takes around 30 minutes from the airport to Nishitei by taxi. It costs about 2,500 yen. A bus and a subway are also available. Please have a look at the details on our website.


Are there hot springs near there?
There are some hot springs near here. They are as follows, Manyounoyu「万葉の湯」 Namihanoyu「波葉の湯」 Nakagawa Seiryu「那珂川 清滝」 We have the leaflets. If you need them, feel free to ask us.