Accommodation Guide

Eco option

We recommend eco-option to our guests who stay over 2 nights.
It means that we don't change your bed sheets and covers everyday.
We change them every three days.
Towels,pillowcases and pajamas must be changed every day,of course.

Check in / out

Check in from 15:00 / Check out by 11:00

When your arrival is delayed, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact Nishitei.


We close the gate at midnight to keep safe. When you go out,please come back by midnight.

We prepare samue as a lounge were for you. It is made by soft and comfortable materials. You will be able to relax wearing sammue.

Breakfast (Japanese)

¥1,500(one person)

Dinner (6 French courses)

¥7,500(one person)

* Course contents change every month.

Payment Method Cash and credit card can be used. Available cardsJCB,VISA,MASTERCARD,ダイナーズクラブ,AMEX

"Bath (bath with bathtub)" and "Shower room" are available at the following times.
Bath room is shared,but we clean each time when a guest took a bath, and we keep it clean at all times. "Bath" 17:00~24:00
"Shower room" 24 hours available